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Re: [IP] RE: Disetronic Question

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> This is a question for all D users:
> >Would you please take a few moments to answer these questions:
> >1.  Why did you choose the Disetronic pump?
I don't live in the US, but in Israel - here when I started pumping a
year ago, about 90% of pump users here used D, and the D rep seemed to
me excellent, based on my impressions and other people's experiences. 
Clearly both pumps are good, but what is of extreme importance is the
service you can get wherever you are located, regardless of the minor
advantages of one pump over the other.

> >2.  What are the three things you like best about the Disetronic
> pump?

a) waterproof
b) delivers basal rate every 3 minutes
don't know enough about the MM to know what else might be better, but I
do like the D.

> >3.  What are the top three things you would change about the
> Disetronic pump?
a) add square wave bolus
b) options of multiple daily programs of basal rates, so that I could
set up one for weekdays and another for weekends - I exchanged email
with Disetronic a few months ago about this, and they said it was
something they were already working on.
other than that it is great.

> >4.  What do you think of the customer service provided by the
> Disetronic company?

> >5.  What advice would you give to someone selecting and just
> starting to use a pump?
Be prepared for a learning curve - it isnt all fun in the beginning - I
found site changes to be a real ordeal for the first few months, but
nonetheless felt the benefits of the pump from day 1, and had no
thoughts of giving up.

dx'd 11/97, D pump since 10/98
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