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Re:[IP] pressing bolus too easily and kap

Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9, in
Describes her concern that Disetronic bolus is too easy
Ruth described daughter Geneva's over-bolus with Minimed in
with her advice of
a) stop it in "midair" or b) eat enough for the bolus
which are good, simple, and independent of the
manufacturer-name for users of either insulin-pump
While Randall recommends MINIMED 508 in
Saying it has some kind of
>"security feature for use with children."
Please describe the procedure of its usage/operation.

Back to Darlene's message, with my replies interspersed:
>I have 1 big ole concern -
Well yes, I WAS older than Kap before "I" controlled
and injected "MY" own insulin...
>In order to do a bolus - all he has to do is press the H button 2 times - 
>and  they are not that hard to push -
Rhythm is a neglected part of that button-pushing.
>and he has taken a bolus of .5 units.
I've been derided here before for describing my having my
Disetronic set for .2 unit bolus-steps. If Kap's total
daily insulin is under 30 units and largest meal-bolus
under 6 units, you could consider using my numbers too.
>It seems too easy to do a bolus.
Unless he has a hearing-problem too, there will not be
any unintentional bolus-giving.
>I would have preferred for the S (sel) button to have
>to be pressed first in order to turn the pump on to an
>active stage or a confirmation button.
This sounds very like what I believe the Minimed pump does.
Did somebody demonstrate the Minimed pump to you first ?
Is your "support team" already more familiar with it ?
- so treating your Disetronic pump as "unfamiliar" ?
>But NO - just press H button and that is it!
Your continuing mention of "H button" sounds like you
listened to or read "somebody's" instruction without
reading the Disetronic manual.
Disetronic HTron (my old-ones and your "plus")
bolus-giving is started by pushing either "H or M" button
and the first push gives 3 beeps before showing 0.0
Second push must wait until the beeps stop and number shows.
By now there have been 4 beeps, each additional push
of same button with less than 8 seconds wait,
increments the "prepared amount".
ONE push of "other" button "clears" that amount to 0.0
= no bolus will be produced, user has retreated to first push.
Eight (8) seconds after last push of "count-up",
Count-back-to-user beeping starts
NOW there is another opportunity to cancel:
Push "other" button twice, first for the same "3 beeps"
as at initiation, but now the "count" stays unchanged.
If push again, count is reduced to "one push" amount,
now push "other of other" for 0.0 = the same button the
whole process was started with.
= no bolus again.
If you waited long enough for it to actually start pumping,
(eight more seconds) push and hold "both H & M" for the
usual way to go to "STOP"
Then from stopped mode, do the same to come back to "RUN",
then push "S" to find the actual amount delivered in the
abbreviated bolus in the same way as any other bolus is
All these are abstracted from "The Bolus Function" page.
Going into "STOP" then "RUN" is also easy "after beeps"
instead of trying to remember "which button does what"
if you like.
>It just seems a little to(too?) easy  from what i can tell.
Yes, quite simple but NOT un-awares done, so not "too".
>Yes - he can stop the bolus b4 it starts -
>but still from a Moms point of view.
Yes, worrying is parents' job...
but you are thinking too much without trying it yourself.
>I dont want it too simple.
I'm sorry, you are asking to make it complicated,
contrary to your desire for Keep.It.Simple.Stupid.
(at least that's how I understand the acronym)
>Have i missed ready(reading?) something -
Probably.  Also, "Simple" and "Easy" may be different.
>Kap starts pumping saline on Monday.
Since you and Kap have 2 pumps (because you chose Disetronic)
Both of you can put batteries in a pump and carry one Sunday
without any fluid or tubing, but running and counting.
This way both of you can try everything "dry" for
one day before first cartridge & infusion & tubing usage.
If you've shared Kap's current insulin-usage with us
already, I've forgotten the amounts. Expect 20% to 30%
reduction with pumping, and by using Disetronic's 3-minute
pulses rather than Minimed's 0.1-unit pulses, the basal-rate
may be lower yet for same effectiveness.
Have you and Doctor/CDE already discussed any plans for
first-try at basal-rates for Kap to use ?
R(V) or H ?
And now doing basal by one of N/L/U ?

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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