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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump?

On 1 Jan 00, at 22:27, email @ redacted wrote:

> I have 1 big ole concern - 
> In order to do a bolus - all he has to do is press the H button 2 times - and 
> they are not that hard to push - and he has taken a bolus of .5 units.
> It seems too easy to do a bolus.  I would have preferred for the S (sel) 
> button to have to be pressed first in order to turn the pump on to a active 
> stage or a confirmation button.
> But NO - just press H button and that is it!
> It just seems a little to easy  from what i can tell.
> Yes - he can stop the bolus b4 it starts - but still from a Moms point of 
> view. I dont want it to simple.
> Have i missed ready something - 

This is one of the features of the MiniMed 508 - it has a security 
feature for use with children.  Given that MM has it I would be that 
the next D will have a similar feature.  
> 2. Swiss made - the precision of their well known products.

And there were several Y2k Internet site failures this morning... 
related to the time change in Switzerland...  Hmmm... <grin>...

Given the pump market now with at least one new player poised to 
enter we should be seeing some good developments in the area of 
features, infusion sets and support from the companies...  The 
problem is that they always seem to come out with a new feature 
that I really like just after I buy something...  

Happy New Year!  I hope that the pump helps makes life better for 
your son during this year.

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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