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[IP] Glad to be here and alive!!

Happy New Year to all and welcome to the recent newcomers!
My hubby and I were discussing how years ago in our youth we wondered if we 
would ever see the year 2000 and what would life be like? It seemed like it 
was so far away!! Well, today I turn 42 and I am amazed at what the year 
2000 has brought to me and my family. I have not even been pumping a month 
yet but I think that one of the most significant events over the time of my 
life is the insulin pump.
After spending 22 years on MDI, struggling to bear 4 children and then just 
struggling to stay alive every day and night, I cannot express how thankful 
I am for the pump.
Now I really feel as if I am alive. I have more energy because I am not 
suffering the effects of low bloodsugars and the wild swinging that follows. 
I have the peace of mind that 9 times out of 10 when I test I am within the 
target range. I have not crashed at night with those crazy nightmares or 
muscle-wrenching convulsions. I am not having the mood changes that go along 
with the swinging bgs, and my kids have really noticed that one! (Just have 
to worry about PMS now!! LOL!). I can eat when I want or not eat when I 
don't want to. If I want to eat a little more or a little less then I can do 
that too! I find it easier to be involved with my family as I am not always 
having to think if our activities will need to be altered because of my need 
for food at a particular time.
I am sure many of you can relate to my feelings but thought I would share 
them anyway and for those thinking of using a pump as well.
It is a blessing to be alive at this time and to be able to benefit from 
this new technology. I am thankful for the input from the people on this 
list and your support. Thanks to Michael and all the Admins for your hard 
work and time.
Carolyn Green :o)

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