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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump?

OK - Kap starts pumping saline on Monday.

I have 1 big ole concern - 
In order to do a bolus - all he has to do is press the H button 2 times - and 
they are not that hard to push - and he has taken a bolus of .5 units.
It seems too easy to do a bolus.  I would have preferred for the S (sel) 
button to have to be pressed first in order to turn the pump on to a active 
stage or a confirmation button.

But NO - just press H button and that is it!
It just seems a little to easy  from what i can tell.
Yes - he can stop the bolus b4 it starts - but still from a Moms point of 
view. I dont want it to simple.
Have i missed ready something - 

Other than this 1 concern - 
I selected the D pump for the following reasons:
1. Waterproof - he stays in the pool during the summer - I own a swimming 
pool company so he better - lol - advertisement
2. Swiss made - the precision of their well known products.
3. Delivers insulin every 3 mintues.
4. Whisles and bells - Got enough in our life (Not sure of the remote - but I 
would hate to think a child in class got hold of that little thing) or worse 
yet - I pressed remote to unlock car and instead gave insulin.
5. Can do a sq wave and basels - all in one step
Thanks for listening!
Signing as - Use the KISS method in Life- But dont want it tooo simple!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9
pumping saline - 1/3/00

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