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[IP] IP] Does Medicare Pay For Pump/Supplies? Very Little!

Medicare at this time is supposed to has started to pay a part for a meters
& then one box of  bs strips/mo.  My local Walgreen RX had a pamphlet on
what was covered a few months ago.  I believe it will require  lot of paper
work to get them to pay their part even for the one box of strips.  I hope
someone tells us it is easier than I think it will be.
65 yrs. old but still covered by good insurance for 10 more months.  Then???
Charles S.....IDDM 46+ yrs.  Pump 3 1/2
Charles, I don't know where you live, but my FL HMO (Health Options) pays 
100% for pump supplies and strips.  This is a Medicare HMO.  I am very happy 
with my HMO in spite of a raise in costs.  I will have to pay a co-pay for 
drugs and insulin which is considered a prescription drug.  Just as good as 
any insurance I've ever had.  My primary physician and endo are both fabulous 
doctors.  No complaints at all.  Hope you find the it the same when you pick 
either an HMO or supplement insurance.                                        
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