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Re:[IP] site question

Erinn -- as you know, YMMV, but for my daughter Amy, we rotate her sites in a 
"circle". She uses both sides of her tummy, plus both "love handles", 
although at a slim 13 years old, she doesn't have much love handles!! She 
will use her left tummy, right tummy, right hip, then left hip. The only time 
she changes this routine is if by the time she gets to the 'scheduled' site 
it still looks red or has bumps, or is doing something in PE that would 
affect where she puts it, like sit-ups (don't put it in the hip area for this 
activity!) Also, when she gets back around to a site that has been used 
before, she tries to put the new set in far enough away so that none of the 
tape covers the old site -- that is, if she can find where it was! This 
method has given her a wide enough range of areas to use that only on 1 
occasion did she have to decide to put it in a different area, and that was 
due to the fact that she had had some problems at the site previously with a 
tape allergy, and wanted to give it more time to heal.

Hope this helps,
mom of Amy, 13
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