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[IP] Testing at Disney's Bordwalk

Hello folks - my comment today goes towards the change
about celebrate the New Year with a 508. I and my wife
went to Disney's Boardwalk yesterday around 8 PM, and
since one week ago my target is 110. So I checked my BG
at the Boardwalk's seat and it was 99, at 8:30 PM. Walked
around, some pictures (my wife gave ne a digital camera
as X-mas' gift) and tested again around 10 PM - blood
sugar level was 122. Danced a little bit with the crowd (I am
the worst dancer in the world, but...) and tested again: bg
was 110. At midnight watched the fireworks and tested
around 12:45 AM - bg was 135. Tested again around
1:40 AM and bg was 120. We got a terrible traffic going
out the Boardwalk (2 and half hours to go from Disney to
Universal Studios area!) and arrived at home around 4 AM
with bg at 126 :-) Was it good or what? The Y2K began
very well and I hope will end with a feasible and implantable
artificial pancreas for us. 


email @ redacted 

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