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[IP] Soar Fingers: Same Techniques ?

My local CDE points out there are less sore fingers when only the sides of
the digits are used.  Not the end nor the fleshy part.  Just as Bob Goodman
pointed out if I used only one or two fingers as sites I have develop
callused areas that are less painful.  For me these callused areas bleed
easier.   Black areas a few times so I moved to new areas.
Just changed to the very, very small Lifescan FastTake meter.  You need only
25% of the blood that I needed for the One Touch.  Getting blood on strip is
real easy so less wasted strips. Gives result in 15 sec. It saves 150 tests
to download to my computer.  Came with new lance holder PENLET PLUS.  It is
the easiest and most adjustable I have used.  Depth is adjusted with a turn
of the end of handle.  BUT the OneTouch FinePoint lancets are LARGER with
more PAIN than my old B-D's Ultra-Fine lancets.  B-D lances do fit new
Penlet Plus.  Recommend Fast Take, Penlet Plus and B-D ultra-fine lancets.
   Charles S.. IDDM 46+ yrs.  Pump 3 1/2 yrs.  BG Meter 26 yrs.  First 20
yrs. there was no way to test daily.  Had one test every 3 months.

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