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Re: [IP] Question about boluses

My son, Kevin boluses right before his meal. He puts what he wants on his 
plate, counts up the carbs and pumps. 

By trial and error, we found that he does better by putting a little on his 
plate at a time and if he is still hungry, goes for a 2nd helping and pumps 
right before eating that. He started by putting a big amount on his plate, 
counting and pumping only to find that his eyes were bigger than his stomach!!

I think this is a better way to go for us by, one, it lets him eat as much as 
he wants and two, it helps him not to overeat.  Of course, he's so skinny we 
are actually trying to fatten him up a bit for some more site areas...lol

Good Luck and Happy New Year, Linda
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