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[IP] pregnancy

Daniela in response to your question, about 10 years ago I became
pregnant unexpectedly.  My bg control was not the best at that time.  To
say the least one morning, around my 8th week I woke up and had
extremely blurred vision, after I saw no improvement that day I made an
emergency visit to my ophthalmologist.  He found me to have cataracts on
both eyes.  he had seen me just weeks before and found no problems other
than a little astigmatism.  He did tell me that the pregnancy and poor
#'s probably execrated a problem that just was noticeable but already
there at the previous visit.  Needless to say I also lost the baby a few
weeks later.  Several months later I was pregnant again and my son is
now almost 9.  The cataracts have not progressed much since that time
but since the day of diagnosis I have worn bifocals.Sheila

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