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Re: [IP] RE: Disetronic Question

his is a question for all D users:

>There have been several posts to the insulin-pumpers listserver
regarding MM
>pumps from MM pump users.  There have not been many posts from D

>Would you please take a few moments to answer these questions:

>1.  Why did you choose the Disetronic pump?
Because it is waterproof (work outdoors on family owned golf course in all 
weather), you get two for about the same price as on MM,
 and it just seemed to be much more sturdy in the way it was constructed than 
the MM.
>2.  What are the three things you like best about the Disetronic
    the back-up pump
    ease of operation
    customer service
    has all of the alarms listed on back
    it automatically tells you when it is time to send the pump in (after 60 
months of   use) for a complete diagnostic checkover by the company whether 
it needs work   done or not
>3.  What are the top three things you would change about the
Disetronic pump?

Maybe add the square wave bolus feature like the MM -- other than that I 
wouldn't change a thing.

I too have the Htron+ and it allows you review last ten boluses

>4.  What do you think of the customer service provided by the
Disetronic company?
    I have only had excellent CS from Disetronic. Sent my pumps in to have 
them reset the bolus increments from .5 to .2. They are great.

>5.  What advice would you give to someone selecting and just
starting to use a pump?

    Find a support group anywhere you can that can help you anwer any of the 
little daily life questions that your doc or pump trainer cannot.
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