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Re: [IP] my pump is in

I would say it would be best to notify them.  Disetronic may cover 
the pumps fully for damage and such, but it would not necessarily 
be covered for loss by theft.  As a "Scheduled Item" in a rider, the 
cost of this additional coverage may be inconsequential.  Perhaps 
you could value the one pump needing coverage at $2500, half the 
cost of purchasing the two.  Ask your agent for a quote.

George Lovelace            Happy 2K ! ! ! !

On 1 Jan 00, at 9:06, email @ redacted wrote:
> >Now for one of many questions, does anyone know if homeowners insurance will
> >cover the cost of pump replacement in case of lose or damage? Should I notify
> >them that I have expensive medical equipment in my home?

On 1 Jan 00, at 8:21, Brian Carter wrote:
> The Disetronic Pumps are Fully Covered for damage no matter from what until 
> the 2 year run time is used on each pump.  so you have a total of 4 years 
> between the pumps.  When I got my pumps i asked them if they would fix it 
> if I "accidentally" dropped a hammer on it a few times and they said as 
> long as the warranty was still going they would..  (just now i stay way 
> from the hammers  5th year a pumpin)

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