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[IP] RE: Disetronic Question

This is a question for all D users:

>There have been several posts to the insulin-pumpers listserver
regarding MM
>pumps from MM pump users.  There have not been many posts from D

>Would you please take a few moments to answer these questions:

>1.  Why did you choose the Disetronic pump?
It has 2 microprocessors, if the batteries are removed you don't have to 
reprogram your basal rates, I guess in the back of my mind I kept *hearing* 
about all the problems people were having with MM. <sorry.> I remember 
someone making a comparison of the 2 pumps, (I believe they had used both) 
and said it was like comparing (D, MM) respectively an IBM with a PB. That 
stuck in my mind also.
>2.  What are the three things you like best about the Disetronic
        (1) Back up pump
        (2) If the batteries are removed you don't have to reprogram basal 
        (3) Hrmmmmm . . . having trouble coming up with a third -- I believe 
that the back up pump was the deciding factor for me. I love my pump and if I 
chose the MM, I'm sure I would love that pump also. 
>3.  What are the top three things you would change about the
Disetronic pump?

Maybe add the square wave bolus feature like the MM -- other than that I 
wouldn't change a thing.

Jack had mentioned that he could only view the last bolus with his D. I just 
got the HTron Plus and you can view many boluses (maybe 10) . I don't know 
for sure how many, but it also shows a history of alarms that have gone off. 
Maybe you have an older pump? I'm not a longtime *veteran* of pumping, so I'm 
not familiar with the prior versions. 

>4.  What do you think of the customer service provided by the
Disetronic company?
    I have only had excellent CS from Disetronic. Have yet to order any 
supplies or anything, but if I have any questions about anything I usually 
email my pump rep/trainer, and he is always very helpful.

>5.  What advice would you give to someone selecting and just
starting to use a pump?
    Like everyone else has said, Go by what is important to you. One 
important thing to remember is that the only *wrong* choice is saying *no* to 
pumping. Whichever pump you choose will be the *right* answer for YOU!! 

Now I just have to learn how to count carbs. . . *sigh* . . . Bought the 
Pumping Insulin book . . . now that the holidays are over and we are in our 
new quarters (moved on post over Christmas) I will concentrate on this book!!

>I look forward to receiving your insights.

>email @ redacted

Sally =o)
IDDM for 35 of my 36.5 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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