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[IP] Re: my cheesecake success - greta

>As I am new to this pump thing, I would love to know what you did to keep
>those bg's in such good range.  I love cheesecake, but find the fat content
>throws me way off the charts later on.
>Thanks, Greta

   hi greta!  hope the pump is going well for you :)  well, i don't know 
exactly how to come up with a perfect formula - to be honest, i think it 
really helped alot that i had insulin peaking from dinner when we ate 
dessert, but i made sure to count the carbs in the recipe really carefully 
and made sure i knew what portion of the cheesecake i was eating so that i 
counted right.  Then, I bolused right away for three quarters of the 
cheesecake.  my piece had 46 carbs in it, so i took 3.2 units right away, 
and then 1.4 units spread over 4 hours.  By the way, I also had a temp basal 
set .2 units higher through the entire night, because insulin doesn't work 
as well for me while i'm sleeping, but this would be a "your mileage may 
vary" (YMMV) thing.  I tested at 114 three hours after dessert, and woke up 
the next morning at 127.  I was very pleased!! I hope you have good luck as 
well :) --Gianna
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