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[IP] Training

The training is perfunctory any. Read Pumping Insulin cover to cover. 
Read the HOWTO's on the web site about ratios, basal rates, etc.... 
There are several good references on carbo counting linked as well. 
Buy a scale and get a couple of carb reference books.
Ask a lot of questions on the list.


> Boy, do I feel cheated!  I keep seeing that everyone else got these
> training sessions with carb counting and detailed instructions.  I
> got 30 minutes (if that much) with the nurse who showed me how to
> work the buttons and put the darn thing in.  No wonder my sugars are
> still ridiculous.  I was afraid my endo was not being aggressive
> enough with my doses (range from 0.4 to 1.0 but mostly 0.4-0.8). 
> How do I retroactively get the training I need?  My endo has started
> a Joslin sattelite, but they don't take my insurance (and he doesn't
> "believe" in pumps anyway). There is one other endo in town who is
> an option, but he is not taking new patients until he gets a partner
> ( I know his nurse, I called and begged and she still said "no
> way!").  What do I do?  How do I get help? I'm looking for that
> pumping book that someone suggested.  What else can I do?  I guess I
> didn't appreciate how much the pump world has changed since the old
> AS6MP!! Virginia DM 19 years pumping almost 1 year (this time)
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