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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #781


all I got was an hour with my rep who by the way was pretty cool in a
friend's office who is a dietician while she was out, my gp was busy and
couldn't pop in, so she never got her training except from me... *S*, then
when it came time for pump day, endo just wrote try these settings on a
piece of paper, walked out of the exam room... I begged to use the back
office to set up the pump myself without plugging it in because endo wanted
me to wait till after lunch while the nurse who's his CDE told me..."I've
never started a pump, doctor always does this in the hospital over 3 or 4
days" then walked out... found out later that there aren't that many people
with pumps in this area anyway, so it doesn't suprise me... *S*... sloshed
stinky H all over the back exam room but finally got the pump loaded and
ready to go... *none of us on H will need to be embalmed when it's our time
with all the phenol that's in this stuff... hehehe!!!*...my sister and I
got the thing hooked up and pumping in the ladies room of a chinese

for me I saw no sense in going into the hospital to start the pump... this
way was much more fun... *S*

Ellen B-C 

ps... get the pumping insulin book, it's what I've used to set up the pump
myself, no real help from endo and refuse to see him after this next
appt... going back to just my gp, I see her over coffee in a local coffee
shop on the weekends if I need to see a doc... if I need the endo, then
I'll call him...

At 09:36 PM 1/31/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Boy, do I feel cheated!  I keep seeing that everyone else got these
>training sessions with carb counting and detailed instructions.  I got 30
>minutes (if that much) with the nurse who showed me how to work the
>buttons and put the darn thing in.  No wonder my sugars are still
>ridiculous.  I was afraid my endo was not being aggressive enough with my
>doses (range from 0.4 to 1.0 but mostly 0.4-0.8).  How do I retroactively
>get the training I need?  My endo has started a Joslin sattelite, but
>they don't take my insurance (and he doesn't "believe" in pumps anyway). 
>There is one other endo in town who is an option, but he is not taking
>new patients until he gets a partner ( I know his nurse, I called and
>begged and she still said "no way!").  What do I do?  How do I get help?
>I'm looking for that pumping book that someone suggested.  What else can
>I do?  I guess I didn't appreciate how much the pump world has changed
>since the old AS6MP!!
>DM 19 years
>pumping almost 1 year (this time)
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