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[IP] pretend-pump-practice

Sam Skopp wrote:
> Have you considered the Silhouettes? A very high percentage of us use one
> of the flavors of this set. It's ideal for us slow pokers.

Actually, I haven't considered ANYTHING -- when the pump came, it was
accompanied by 4 boxes of SofSets. I guess that's what the doc/diabetes
center ordered. The patient isn't supposed to have an opinion, is

There is, however, one Silhouette that came in the introductory package,
and I'm saving it until I'm officially pumping insulin -- then, if I
like it, either MiniMed will exchange the SofSets for me, or else I'll
just use up the SofSets and order Silhouettes on the next order of

One thing I've discovered about this pump is that if you don't know what
you're doing, and take time to think, it won't wait for you!!! So you've
got to have some manual and mental dexterity!!!!  :)  

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