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[IP] MM reps

Being in an industry in which I deal with many customers and it is
always an "emergency" I know that my workload gets to the point where I
am no longer effective. I am wondering if this is happening with
Minimed. With the growth of the company over the past few months, (stock
info) as well as all that has been submitted to the FDA, and there
projected role in DM management over the next few years, I suspect that
there questionable customer support is more a lack of "bodies". This in
no way excuses wrong or unprofessional behaviour, as In my job there are
times I have to refer business to my competitors because I will not be
able to do my job to the level of expectation form my customers.
What some who are having problems my want to do, if you are going to
continue to use MM, when a situation occurs and you feel you are not
being treated in an acceptable manner is first get the persons name who
you are speaking with and make sure they know you know there name. Next
ask to speak to there supervisor, if they refuse hang up call back and
ask for so and so's supervisor, you will get service if you keep going
up the ladder, the exec's do not like calls from you saying you are
unhappy and that none of those before them were willing to help you.
Make sure before you do this that your request is reasonable and
justified. MM also has many people in training right now so you may want
to find out if the person you are speaking with is in training and ask
to speak to a "veteran".
I have had to call several time as I am a new pumper but I have only had
trouble once and this was cleared up when I said "I am unhappy and your
name is ----" every thing got better real fast.
This is what I use in everyday business I deal with many very large
companies who at the service level are lacking, I rarely have ot go to
the top offices for help but I have and will...
I hope this helps...
Take Care

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