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[IP] Re: Angina treatment--youngsters may skip

Having seen heart disease listed in many of your intros, I thought I might
take a stab at this here before calling my doctor tomorrow.

Yesterday I had one of those stressful days where I ended up with angina pain.
My instructions (which I believe are pretty standard?) are to take up to 3
nitro tablets, and if the pain continues, to call 911 or get to a hospital.
Well, I "knew" things would improve when my (week longer than expected) house
guest actually left (her friend had arrived to take her), and my pain left
followed by a feeling of well-being within about 20 minutes of her leaving.
But that was indeed about 30 minutes after the 3rd nitro tablet (although I
was feeling better before then).

Have any of you had trouble with nitro tablets being slow to act because of
the diabetes and had success with other forms of nitro or other drugs for
angina?  I wondered if there were other things I could bring up with the
cardiologist, and if my suspicion about it being a diabetes problem (I have
read various places that diabetes can decrease sensitivity to nitro) has any

Linda Zottoli
dx 1955 at age 8
pumping since 10/98
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/