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[IP] Disneyland

I wanted to tell any of you who are interested I had a wonderful time at
Disneyland. I meant Aaron who is very nice and did not have any real
problem with my bg. I started back to work the Monday after that and
have been so busy I have not been able to post, this is my first day off
for what seems like an eternity. I did overdo it though and paid big
time the next day but it was worth it and I would do it again. It is
such a wonderful feeling to be able to be free just to walk outside and
see all the wonderful people around, I sure appreciate things different
after being closed up for nearly 2 years. Waiting in line does not
bother me cause I get to and on most of the rides I had the most fun
listing to the kids scream and laugh the kids with me and the ones who
were not. I got to watch my daughter and here friends run in and out of
water streams trying not to get wet, and if I was not cold already I
would have done so also. This pump has allowed me to take back what
these stupid diseases took away, maybe not all of it yet but at least I
am moving forward instead of always in the pacarious state of life and
death. Aaron said I do not look sickly which was nice because not very
long ago people would stare if I went out cause I was so thin and there
was not enough make-up in the world to hide my eye circles or my check
bones that stuck to far out. My CF (cystic fibrosis) has mellowed out
some so it is not aggravating my DM so much. My numbers are consistently
getting better, so I feel blessed and wish to thank all of you who make
efforts to help. Thank You

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