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Re: [IP] RE: Why change meter?

As a matter of fact this procedure has
> completely eliminated my Y2K problem except for the insulin! 

Hi Buddy,

Thanks for your info.  I cannot be so optimistic to say I forget I have
DM, however, what did you mean your "Y2K problem".  Do you mean having
enough supplies on hand when Y2K comes aroudn because you do not go
thorugh the supplies very fast?
>     I also use the reservoir more than once and have not had a single
> problem doing that. I do get some air bubbles that I hear so many of you
> talking about but they hardly ever get into the cath.

I have the same experience with air bubbles.  No problem with them
getting into the tubing.  I fill my reserviors with refrigerated insulin
without warming it first.  I wear my pump very close to my body (in my
bra) and in a hot shower (since I use use the sofsets, not the QR), so I
did not want to warm it up any sooner and expose it to temp

> and he wanted to treat me to a chocolate malt. I turned into DQ and we had a
> chocolate malt! BG never got over 150 although I took 14 units to cover it.
> If I had known a little sooner that we were going to do that maybe it would
> not have reached 150? That was only my third Chocolate malt in two years but
> it was sweet revenge to me.

My experience with such a treat over Christmas time, was what I supposed
was due to the high fat and carb and protein contecnt of my frozen
custard shake treat ( A Ted Drew's Concrete for anyone lives in St.
Louis), and I was not so successful.  I thought I correctly bolused for
the carbs, but found it a similar experience to eating pizza, lasagna.
Mexican and Thai food, that my BG continued to go very high for up to 8
hours later!

Janet Riganti
MM 507C

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