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Re: [IP] Love the pump but . . .

The numbers actually look pretty good!    89 sounds perfect, but if it makes you
nervous then you should probably decrease your basal one tenth.  The 8:30 AM 60
looks like it could use a slight decrease too.  The 1:45 AM test is hard to tell
-- with the fat, it might have hit later and contributed to your morning high or
not.  You will know better than us since you will know you digestion time frame
for fatty foods.  If your bg rise from 89 to 131 is equivalent to the number of
carbs you ate in the crackers, then they were probably gone by the AM.  If not,
they may have contributed to that high.   I can't remember how many carbs a graham
cracker has exactly but it actually doesn't sound too far off.

If you ate breakfast at 10AM and it had a lot of fat than the meal probably hit at
about 12:30.  The question is then where the timing of your bolus is in relation.
This will depend on what time you took it and how fast it works for you.   Looks
like your high bolus either coincided with the rest of the breakfast bolus or was
just more than you need.   If you are targeting 110, your high bolus assumes you
will dop 45 points per unit of insulin.  Is that right?  Sounds like a lot for a
medium to medium small size woman but possibly not for a medium large to
reasonably good sized person.  You would need to test this and find out.  If you
dropped from 195 to 58 on the bolus and there was no interference from remaining
breakfast insulin than the insulin took you down 73 or so points per unit.  See?

Good luck.  Your numbers look terrific!

email @ redacted wrote:

> I just love the freedom of the pump, but every once in a while I run into
> problems I can't seem to solve easily.  For example; I'm suddenly having low
> bg's, not as low as pre-pump but low enough to feel awful.  For example today
> went as following:  At bedtime Fri. I was 89.  That was low at bedtime for me
> so I ate 1 graham cracker and some peanut butter no bolus.  At 1:45am, I was
> 131.  At 8:30 am 60, changed set at 11:30am and bg was 265.  I did not bolus
> because I had a gut feeling it was going down.  Had bolused 10am 4.5 for late
> breakfast. At 12:30pm 195 and took 1.9 bolus for high bg.  Went shopping and
> felt hypo in store, took bg and it was 58, had 3 glucose tabs.  at 6pm I was
> 90, bolused 4.0 for dinner.  I just don't understand these #'s.  Does anyone
> have any insight as to what's going on?  No exercise or snacks or stress
> today.  Love this digest.  I download to floppy and read off-line daily.  Lots
> of good info.
>                                     Eleanor Molin
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