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[IP] Re: Pumps revisited

31, 1999 9:32 AM
Subject: Re: Pumps

>Buddy -
>     Thanks for the advice! I'm going to start checking with my insurance
>company this week, and I know my endocrinologist is in favor of putting me
>a pump, so hopefully I'll have one within a month or so.
>     I'm curious -- why did you choose the MiniMed over the Disetronic?

    The MiniMed is made in the good ol USA! When I first contacted them they
had a rep contact me almost immediately. I contacted Disetronic and in 5
weeks they sent me an information package. I tried to contact their rep in
my area and he just would not return my calls, many of them too. MiniMed
helped me with all my questions and even helped with all the things I needed
to do to start the ball rolling. At that time I had a good "old country
doctor" that was informed on the pump but had never even seen one. He wrote
the letter of necessity and prescribed the pump for me but I did all the leg
work so to speak.
    The pump is GREAT. You compare the two different brands, as there are
only two, and get the one that seems to be best for you. I have the 507 and
would not want the Disetronic, but I would not want to have to live without
my pump. It has made me feel better that I can ever remember. Since I
contracted diabetes when I was only 12 I don't ever remember feeling good
until I started on the pump.

>going back and forth on which one I would like. I know either one would
>me much better control and more freedom than I have now.

    You are exactly right about that but the larger thing you have to
consider is the fact that on the pump you may never develop the
complications that kill so many people every year.  The pump could/will give
you the chance to be 100!

>Thanks again--
>Matt Braun
>email @ redacted

email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

    I hope you don't mind that I am answering to the IP list too. It is not
that I am so smart I just don't pop off that often any more and I want them
to know I am still lurking!

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