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Re: [IP] Not a happy MiniMed user

>But bottom line to all reps, customer support, life with diabetes is a daily
>challenge to begin with.  To have the added "hassle" from people we need
to call
>because we're in emergency mode is appalling to me.  I swear diabetes is a
>of cake compared to having to deal with the "support" arena.  All these
>need that we need to contact need to realize that if we had a choice (
like not
>being diabetic ) we would take it and not call them.  But if they're going to
>accept a position in the health, support arena please please treat us with
>and dignity.  When I get someone bad on the other end, my stress goes up,
my bs
>goes up and on and on.  OK, now I feel better.  I just hope some of you D
and MM
>reps pass this stuff on to the phone staff.
>ps.  Goooo Ginny!

And don't forget to add that the higher the BG get the more IRRITABLE and
SICK (I always say it feels like the worse case fleu bug) we feel and don't
want to add additional stress to it.

p.s. personally i have found them 10X better than insurence and my D reps
and support people have ALWAYS been polite and fast about helping me.. even
at 2 am he he..

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438
email @ redacted
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