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Re: [IP] Re: : Saline in beginning

> I have another question.  As it is now if I eat anything  (ex: string cheese
> stick less than 1g of carb) my BG goes up.  Does the pump take care of low
> carbs that are eaten without bolusing?

Only if your basals account for them.  Whether or not they will make a
difference will depend on your sensitivity -- ie how much a single carb raises
your bg, your basal doses -- if they are very low and most of your insulin comes
from boluses, then those snacks may elevate your bg, if they are a bit high, it
may easily be absorbed, if you are sensitive to protein: most protein and fat
foods have a little bit of carb but usually very small amounts,  String cheese
is about a medium one with one carb per ounce, turkey has more, olives have
less, etc...  Some people find that they need to account some for protein itself
(this is unusual but happens consistently for a percentage of people) and others
find that they just need to account for the cumulative effects of protein.  For
me, for instance, one stick of string cheese would make little or no
difference.  3 or 4 in an hour would start to slant my bgs up, but possibly not
more than .2 (2/10) or .3 (3/10) units of insulin or 12-18 bg points.  So, I
might eat them anyway and do nothing unless I ate 5 or 6 at which point I would
definately need some insulin.  You can do the same with turkey, for instance.  A
turkey sandwhich, I would round up the dose for the bread, but if I were
munching on deli turkey with no carbs, after a couple of pieces I would start to
need a very small bolus.

Hope that helps!

> Gwenn
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