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Re: [IP] Not a happy MiniMed user

Ginny and all Disetronic and MM reps,

Ginny first of all I am sorry abut what you've had to go through.  I am on a D and
love it, but reading all these emails it sure seems that there is something wrong
with that MM Pump.

So far I have been quite fortunate with D.  The service has been exceptional and
the took care of letters, doctors, etc..  All I had to do is sit back and wait a
few days.

But bottom line to all reps, customer support, life with diabetes is a daily
challenge to begin with.  To have the added "hassle" from people we need to call
because we're in emergency mode is appalling to me.  I swear diabetes is a piece
of cake compared to having to deal with the "support" arena.  All these people
need that we need to contact need to realize that if we had a choice ( like not
being diabetic ) we would take it and not call them.  But if they're going to
accept a position in the health, support arena please please treat us with respect
and dignity.  When I get someone bad on the other end, my stress goes up, my bs
goes up and on and on.  OK, now I feel better.  I just hope some of you D and MM
reps pass this stuff on to the phone staff.


ps.  Goooo Ginny!

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