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Re: [IP] Not a happy MiniMed user

Yes we did..I had to put back inot service my D pump last night. I had M pump
in Fri night and by 3 AM this monring SUnday..my BGS were 415..
I had been testin every 4 hours and bolusing. At 1 AM they were 415 and I
bolused and by 3 AM they still hadn't some down. We did the 2 checks. we are
setting it up right..but something is wrong so tomorrow I will ask them to
exchange this pump for me. If they won't it can go back to the compnay and I
will up grade my D pump. Oh By the way..I put back my D pump..bolused
to sliding scale and within 2 hours I was 140. I then was finally able to
sleep..and I am not sick or getting a cold..
SOmething is just not right with the pump and I am not willing to allow my
blood suagrs to go that high to just try it out.

At 12:18 PM 1/31/99 , you wrote:
>Have you performed the proepr screw turn test which is explained in the back
>of the 507 C book???????  this will tell you if the screw is perfoming
like it
>Insulin-Pumpers website

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/