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Just a thought.  Insulin lo-dose syringes are now so tiny...when I used to have
bad tummy problems from all the old pump needles, I would sometimes take shots
of regular (pre-humalog so these days humalog would do it) for boluses.  This
slightly decreased the damage to stomach tissue and, since when the stomach
tissue gets overused it absorbs unevenly, my legs often absorbed boluses more
evenly than they would have in my tummy.  By the way, it feels like forever when
you are waiting, but in the long run, not all but much of the overuse does go
away and they will be able to use their stomachs again.  It sounds like that
would make pumping much easier.

Hang in there,


email @ redacted wrote:

> LIsa,
> I haven't gone to his thigh because of his activity level .
> gotta go ---his sugars up again  461   I'm about to give up and take him off
> the pump
>                   Doreen
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