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Re: [IP] Why saline? and pretend-pump-practice

At 06:35 AM 1/31/1999  Natalie A. Sera wrote:
>Hi, Linda,
>Thanks for sharing your story!!!!  So it seems that the pumps are NOT as
>failure-proof as they advertise??

Nothing is failure-proof, including pumps. A pump is only a tool that you
control. As long as you have to bolus on your own, set your basals, load
the insulin and change sets there is plenty of room for error. However,
once you get the hang of what's going on, errors are going to be at an
absolute minimum. Pumping will soon become as routine as doing MDI was. 

You sound like you're doing all the right things. The more practice you
get, the easier Installation Day (tah-dah) will be. Just be patient...
expect things to be a little rocky at first, especially until your basals
get straightened out and you figure out what carb/insulin ratios you need.
We've all been through it... just ask questions and try to relax as things
settle down.

Have you considered the Silhouettes? A very high percentage of us use one
of the flavors of this set. It's ideal for us slow pokers. 


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