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Re: [IP] Why saline? and pretend-pump-practice

Natalie wrote:


>What I'm interested in at the moment is finding out  whether I'm
>allergic to the tape -- I do have skin reactions to some adhesives, and
>how it FEELS to have it attached all the time.
Why not just try the tape on your skin? Prep with whatever you are going to
use, try the tape you think you will use, just don't insert a set. If
nothing else, this will help eliminate some variables once you start "live"
pumping. Most who have already started to pump don't have the "luxury" of
experimenting like this, since they are already connected and pumping
insulin. Once you are pumping, it gets a little trickier trying to
troubleshoot skin sensitivity issues. This is an ideal time to work some of
this out.

>Which reminds me of another question -- with the quick release, what
>happens to the end that's attached to you when you're in the bath? Does
>the insulin in it cook, and is there any way for bacteria to get in
>there? There was a little cap for the OTHER end in the package, but not
>for the attached end. 
If you're concerned about bacteria, you can wipe it with alcohol before re
attaching, but most folks will say don't worry about it. When I used these
sets several years ago, I seldom cleaned the end before re attaching. I've
never had an infection while pumping, so this worked well for me. Alcohol
is a bit suspect re: disinfecting anyway. I think the one thing you *do*
want to be careful of is the amount of time you soak in hot water. Real hot
water can get the temp of the insulin which remains in the tubing a bit too
warm. Experiment in the beginning, chart your BGs carefully and you'll soon
be able to determine your tolerances.

Bob Burnett

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