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[IP] arrgghh!!

hey everybody,
We decided to be aggressive about sites falling out. So he now has a classic
bent needle in with tape  and barrier over it.He says it hurts but I needed
some time to figure out the next step. If this lasts a few days then I'll let
him try a rapid (he says that looks nicer than the classic). 
Many of the times that he was having high bgs was due to bent cannula with
tender set. Has anyone ever had too fat of fingers and bent the cath while
trying to pull paper off adhesive backer? He appears  to have a problem with
this. I may have his sister try to insert a tender in him  as she has not had
any problems with hers.{that will be the ultimate revenge opportunity for her
,so I'll watch very closely}.
Would you believe that after only 13 days of pumping we had to change Jessicas
batteries today?They better last longer than this.               Doreen
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