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Re: [IP] Why saline? and pretend-pump-practice

"Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
> Thanks for sharing your story!!!!  So it seems that the pumps are NOT as
> failure-proof as they advertise??

Natalie, NO mechanical/electronic device is as failure-proof as claimed!
> What I'm interested in at the moment is finding out  whether I'm
> allergic to the tape -- I do have skin reactions to some adhesives, and
> how it FEELS to have it attached all the time.

You might want to look at Silhouettes (aka Tenders or Comforts) instead of
the MiniMed Qrs. There's NO external tape needed, and most people find 
they have no allergy problem with the large tape that's firmly attached to
the base. The needle IS longer, and needs to be inserted manually, but
I find it a LOT more reliable since it goes in at a slant sideways which
keeps it from crimping.
> Which reminds me of another question -- with the quick release, what
> happens to the end that's attached to you when you're in the bath? Does
> the insulin in it cook, and is there any way for bacteria to get in
> there? There was a little cap for the OTHER end in the package, but not
> for the attached end.

If you look in the hole the introducer needle came out of there's 
a small rubber sealrer in there, that works exactly like the vial cap
you push the needle through to load a syringe. Nothing gets in there.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/