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[IP] RE: Why change meter?

    If you have an Accuchek Advantage why did you change? I have an
Advantage and a Complete and I prefer the Advantage. I have been using it
for five years and the batteries last forever! The machine is almost "bullet
proof" it's self and I can download it to my computer.
    When the machine started giving me problems the first time I called the
800 # for Boehringer Mannheim and they sent me a new meter, no charge! Over
the years they (different companies) have sent me a total of 5 meters but I
do use a lot of sticks. After all that is where they make their money.
    I do keep a logbook and the batteries last for months and I check a
minimum of 6 times per day. I can't remember when the last time I had to buy
batteries but I'll bet it has been at least 6 months. BTW you can get the
batteries at Wal-Mart for the Advantage and the complete uses AAA's, which
is better!
    Another topic I would like to address here is the length of time of a
set. I use the 42" softsets. I consistently get 6 days from each set without
any problems what so ever. None. As a matter of fact this procedure has
completely eliminated my Y2K problem except for the insulin! LOL. I have
been on my 507 for two years as of 1/6/99 and the only set that has gone bad
for me was caused from a seatbelt irritation on a trip! It was not very bad
but it deserved a mention here.
    I also use the reservoir more than once and have not had a single
problem doing that. I do get some air bubbles that I hear so many of you
talking about but they hardly ever get into the cath. Most all my highs are
caused from miscalculations on my part or from over reacting after a
"crash". I use Velosulin in my pump and inject Humalog if I wait too long to
bolus before a meal or want to eat something on the spur of the moment.
    I was Dx'ed with IDDM July 15, 1959 and as of January 6th, 1997 I no
longer consider myself diabetic! LOL I can now eat or drink anything "normal
people" can and "get by" with it. I was in town last week with Sara's dad
and he wanted to treat me to a chocolate malt. I turned into DQ and we had a
chocolate malt! BG never got over 150 although I took 14 units to cover it.
If I had known a little sooner that we were going to do that maybe it would
not have reached 150? That was only my third Chocolate malt in two years but
it was sweet revenge to me.
    Good luck to all.

IDDM 39.5
507 2

Buddy Barber
email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

Boehringer Mannheim

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