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[IP] Why saline? and pretend-pump-practice

Hi, Linda,

Thanks for sharing your story!!!!  So it seems that the pumps are NOT as
failure-proof as they advertise??

I'm playing with my new pump already, even though my first appt. is not
till March 3. It's actually easy enough to fill the syringe with WATER
and not hook up at all, but just watch what it does. I did the 7.2 unit
test, and the little mark came back to exactly where it was supposed to

The other thing is, it's easy enough to just pretend to be hooked up --
just clip off the little cannula part, and tape the set to you --
nothing is penetrating the skin!, and then clip the pump onto your pants
or stick it in a pocket, and go through the motions. So the mechanics of
it are pretty easy -- I did watch the video, and have been reading the
lists and watching friends long enough that I'm pretty confident!

So I guess I'm gonna surprise the nurses, who'll expect to have to TEACH
me all this stuff, but it's REALLY not hard -- my biggest problem is
gonna be to wait until March! My birthday is March 7, and I think I'm
gonna ask my son to buy me a leg-thingy-holder for a birthday present --
it's within his means, and he'll feel good about being able to buy me a
birthday present that I want!!!!  :)

What I'm interested in at the moment is finding out  whether I'm
allergic to the tape -- I do have skin reactions to some adhesives, and
how it FEELS to have it attached all the time.

Which reminds me of another question -- with the quick release, what
happens to the end that's attached to you when you're in the bath? Does
the insulin in it cook, and is there any way for bacteria to get in
there? There was a little cap for the OTHER end in the package, but not
for the attached end. 

The SofSerter looks pretty SCARY -- I was never able to throw a needle
in quickly (I'm a slow-poke!!), and I'm not sure I could use that
SofSerter, but we'll see! 

I'm really excited about it all!

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