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RE: : [IP] Humalog temp

+Ted, I know you aren't the 1st to talk about the temp of Humalog and
+of the cartridges. Are we (Amy and I) the only one's not to have problems
+bubbling? We do fill her cartridge with cold Humalog, and just give it 6 or
+good flicks with the fingers. She's rarely had a bubble in her line. Just
+wondering if we are just getting lucky or what!Sue

Dear Sue and IP list,
I've never had a problem with bubbles. I haven't refrigerated insulin for 25
I haven't gotten improved glycohemoglobin tests with the pump. I'm finding
the adjustment well worth it but very difficult. I very much appreciate the
who wrote about not being afraid of inducing an insulin reaction. The thing
I like the most about the pump is that fasting is possible and I can
safely. I think its stupid to say, "certain complications get worse when the
pump is introduced" and not conclude that glucose control diminished.

I'm going skiing next week, yeah!

Some days I use 30U some days 60U.

I was in a big hurry to get to work when I caught my tubing on the door
handle I
was running past. It was my first try at using a full cartridge and I had
a cartridge remaining so I just quickly changed my infusion set. I have only
ever used silhouettes. I chose them because they were preferred by the
on this list. Thanks.

Adjusting to the pump,

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