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Re: [IP] Love the pump but . . .

In a message dated 99-01-30 20:56:04 EST, you write:

<< At bedtime Fri. I was 89.  That was low at bedtime for me
 so I ate 1 graham cracker and some peanut butter no bolus.....

The PB probably slowed down the CHO absorption.
<<At 1:45am, I was  131.  At 8:30 am 60, changed set at 11:30am and bg was
265.  I did not bolus  because I had a gut feeling it was going down.  Had
bolused 10am 4.5 for late  breakfast. At 12:30pm 195 and took 1.9 bolus for
high bg........

Sounds like the basal rates and the bolus amounts are not correct. Have you
basal tested?  If you have lows when not eating, the basal rate is too high.
If you have a low while basal testing, then the basal rate is definely too
high. Adjust it downward  by 0.1 tenth of a unit 1.5 hours before the low if
on H, and 2 hours before if pumping V. You may have bolused too soon to
correct a high that was on its way down.

<< Went shopping and  felt hypo in store, took bg and it was 58, had 3 glucose
tabs.  at 6pm I was  90, bolused 4.0 for dinner.  I just don't understand
these #'s.  Does anyone  have any insight as to what's going on?  No exercise
or snacks or stress
 today.  Love this digest.  I download to floppy and read off-line daily.
 of good info. >>

Do you not have the numbers of your pump team to call and troubleshoot the
Barbara B.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/