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Re: [IP] Re:Gilbert's syndrome

At 08:22 PM 1/30/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Interesting this should come up.  I am a research nurse and in the last
>month have seen three newly diagnosed cases of this very rare disorder. 
>It is supposed to affect primarily mediterranean folks but seems to be on
>the rise here.  What I know about it is that it affects the bilirubin
>levels in the blood.  I know that my docs don't get too excited when they
>see it, just a quizzical look on their faces.  I'll try to find out more
>info in our next staff meeting and relay them to you.  
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Thanx for the info:

I am trying to gather info about it also for my Nursing instructors, also
the Dr. that Dx'd me with it has MOVED on  to bigger and better city.  I
tried to look on the internet but NOTHING.. what i was told is that is is a
slow filtration of the bilirubin in the blood by the liver (just slower
livers than most) and is often miss seen as hep. until the tests come
back... i think on my last blood work up my total Bili was 15-20%  which is
considered CRITICAL  ohhhhh scarry  ha ha..

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