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[IP] Love the pump but . . .

I just love the freedom of the pump, but every once in a while I run into
problems I can't seem to solve easily.  For example; I'm suddenly having low
bg's, not as low as pre-pump but low enough to feel awful.  For example today
went as following:  At bedtime Fri. I was 89.  That was low at bedtime for me
so I ate 1 graham cracker and some peanut butter no bolus.  At 1:45am, I was
131.  At 8:30 am 60, changed set at 11:30am and bg was 265.  I did not bolus
because I had a gut feeling it was going down.  Had bolused 10am 4.5 for late
breakfast. At 12:30pm 195 and took 1.9 bolus for high bg.  Went shopping and
felt hypo in store, took bg and it was 58, had 3 glucose tabs.  at 6pm I was
90, bolused 4.0 for dinner.  I just don't understand these #'s.  Does anyone
have any insight as to what's going on?  No exercise or snacks or stress
today.  Love this digest.  I download to floppy and read off-line daily.  Lots
of good info.
                                    Eleanor Molin
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