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[IP] Re:Unhappy with MM

My first Minimed pump had the problem with the arms not working.  It was
a rental/loaner (I LOVE insurance companies!).  The rep said she was
sorry, they told her at the company they would QA prior to sending, but
she guessed they hadn't after all.  The second pump (another
rental/loaner) worked until I had to change the batteries using the ones
they told me to use.  The third one they sent was a brand-new pump that
insurance finally bought and is still working after 7 months.  In general
I have had VERY bad experience with MM in both responding to my needs and
questions, poor training, and continual problems with ordering supplies. 
New insurance company now, so ordering supplies is a little (very little)
easier.  Having a case manager at the insurance company helps
DM 19 years
pumping almost a year (this time)

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