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Re: [IP] Pump has arrived!

email @ redacted wrote:

> This may have already been discussed, but why do you have to pump saline?  I
> am not a patient person.  What in the world is this going to do to me?  I sure
> hope my nurse has started the ball rolling.  I go Tues. AM.  Wouldn't it be
> something if my pump was sitting in her office?  No such luck.

Oh, they want you to get familiar with pressing the buttons -- if you
make a mistake on saline, no harm done, but if you make a mistake on
insulin, you could get yourself in trouble. 

And no, I'm not terribly patient, either, but I do understand where
they're coming from. *I* know that I'm good at such things, but THEY
don't so they're covering their professional asses -- they HAVE to or
they'd be opening themselves up to all kinds of problems, and they can't
afford to do that!!

The other thing is, I've waited THIS long -- since beginning of October,
to be exact -- that makes it almost 4 months -- so what's another month
in the grand scheme of things?? 

I'm pretty ecstatic that all the pieces are finally falling into place!


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