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I think that the prep that Michael was referring to is
Tincture of Benzoine or Tincture of Benzoine Compound (the
difference is that the compound version has a bit of
something that helps minimize irritation.  The stuff is
great for stickyness, I have a strong skin reaction to it so
it didn't work for me.  It is iodine based.  My favorite
prep product is 3M's No Sting Barrier Film.

I also try to stretch my skin out whenever I'm putting on a
site; this is that I lean away from that side.  The other
thing that I've been told is that you should be wiping with
alcohol; it weakens some of the adhesives used in the sets.

My recmmendation of the love handle area as having less
twisting than the front was already ruled not-viable.

Best of luck


I just checked my sons bg for his snack and got a big
surprise. His before
dinner was 124 [beautiful] now he's 506 !!! We just changed
his site today
earlier because it started hurting and was red. Now I go to
check his site and
its laying in his pants!!! 
I don't have any ideas on where to put sites on this kid cuz
they never last
more than 2 days. His abdomen is out cuz he overused it
doing MDI for the last
2 years,so the Endo told us to use under his ribcage. No
good. Everytime he
moves or stretches it hurts or starts pulling out.We've had
it in upper
buttocks the last 2 times.we even use iv prep to make it
                                             Doreen -mom of
2 pumpers -making
me crazy>>>
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