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[IP] bubbles

I do the same thing, right out of the fridge into the reservoir, hook up and
away I go.  I also mix my insulin in an old bottle of H that was almost
empty.  I measured the amt. that was left, added from a full bottle of H.
and mixed in the amt of V to make a 5/1 ratio.   I have also filled a
coulpla reservoirs and left in the fridge until I was ready for them.  It
all works for me.  I like the premix in the bottle the best, when I travel I
just grab that bottle and away I go.  I wish that Lily did it, since the
bottle does leak from all the holes I stick in it.  When they get bad, I
just discard them and mark another almost empty bottle with a marker as
"MIX" and it is the new recruit.
I had very bad absorption, and site deterioration early on pumping with
straight humalog/Q-R connections.  Since I have changed to the Sil's and the
mix pumping is the best!  Sites last 5-6 days and absorption is great (as
long as I don't get them too deep) until the reservoir is empty.  just my
.02  Laurie B.

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