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[IP] Dizziness Part 2

All the posts are very interesting- thank you very much! The dizziness
has subsided for now, fortunately. I did two things: switched back to
brand-name Synthroid, and opened a new bottle of Humalog. I also placed
it in the 'frig. Question: does it need to be at room T before filling a

I absolutely was allergic to Ultralente (with severe carsickness), as I
wrote before. Of course, there are preservatives in that which probably
caused it. I wonder if there is something in Humalog, maybe less
bothersome, that causes occasional dizziness.  Or whether it was from an
"older" vial. 

Paula, let's keep in touch about this. Maybe we should ask Lilly if they
ever found people who reported this, in their tests. Lilly, are you
reading these? 

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