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Re: [IP] re:AARRGGHH!!!

> WE have been using tenders,will something else stay in better? We've tried
> with tegaderm under it too.They won't stay on this boy.........Doreen--help
> me

Doreen, since you are already using the Tenders and still have problems
with them working free, you may want to try what we've had to do. 
Lately, we've been putting the Tegaderm OVER the tender to keep it in
place.  WE use IV prep, too, and lately it hasn't been working.  We've
been changing sets everyday because they loosen up and work free.  (It
may be a bad batch, so I got them to send me another box to try.) 
Anyway, the way you put the tegaderm over it is a pain, but it keeps
that darn thing in place!  Insert the tender using your technique.  Then
fold the tegaderm patch in half, then in half the other way (so you end
up with a corner in the middle of the patch.  Cut off the corner using a
half-moon turn.  When you unfold the patch you should have a circle cut
out of the middle.  Place the circle over the tender so that you can
still disconnect, then spread the rest of the tegaderm over the tender
tape to hold it in place.  This is hard to describe without seeing
it...I hope you understand what I mean.  If not, let me know.

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