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Re: [IP] Meter

I've noticed that batteries I buy at Longs or Radio Shack run out quickly.  When
I use the Minimed pump batteries for the Fast Take they last a long time.  It may
be a battery shelf time problem, but other than knowing that one supplier works
better than another (generally), I'm not sure how else you can be sure of buying
the longer ones.  I think the bottom line is that you just always have to buy
extra batteries -- one of the most minor but one of the many extra little things
that go along with pumping and MDI and blood testing.

Lisa Fricke Berger wrote:

> Gwenn,
> You should check to make sure the batteries are in tight. The Fast Take
> meter is notorious for the batteries coming loose. Also call Lifescan (the
> makers) and they will replace it. We have had 4, yes 4 replaced so far. I
> have now switched to a different meter because of all the problems.
> Lisa
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> Well, I am in trouble.  Took my BG when I got up this AM and it was a little
> high.  When I was getting ready to take it again before breakfast, my meter
> would not come on at all.  Now this meter is just a few months old and it
> shouldn't be dead this soon.  It is a fast take.  Do I get another fast take
> or do I buy something else and see what fast take reps will do about this
> meter?
> Thanks.  Getting ready to go to my daughters swim meet.
> Gwenn
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