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This won't solve the problem entirely, but it will help.  Stop using any kind of
skin prep.  Before you put a new set in make sure he has recently had a bath, is
not sweaty or dirty.  If he is, wash but dry the area very well and wait an hour
or so.  The tape will stick much better.  To be honest, the skin prep only seems
to have minimal effect on infections at best.  Sweat and dirt have big effects.
So does forgetting to wash your and his hands since hands carry all kinds of
bacteria.  If you are using ice or emla cream to numb the pain before you insert
this may also make the tape more likely to come undone.

The other thing to do, is before inserting, see if you can get a picture of the
directions he is likely to pull.  You can tape the other way, to anchor it more
firmly.  Too much tape often peels off so you want enough to get it on there
securely with no easy to peel up ends, but not too much.

Last suggestion:  call minimed and ask about special more sticky tapes for
athletes (especially swimmers).

Hope those prove helpful!
Good luck

email @ redacted wrote:

> I just checked my sons bg for his snack and got a big surprise. His before
> dinner was 124 [beautiful] now he's 506 !!! We just changed his site today
> earlier because it started hurting and was red. Now I go to check his site and
> its laying in his pants!!!
> I don't have any ideas on where to put sites on this kid cuz they never last
> more than 2 days. His abdomen is out cuz he overused it doing MDI for the last
> 2 years,so the Endo told us to use under his ribcage. No good. Everytime he
> moves or stretches it hurts or starts pulling out.We've had it in upper
> buttocks the last 2 times.we even use iv prep to make it sticky.
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> me crazy
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