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RE: [IP] Meter

You should check to make sure the batteries are in tight. The Fast Take
meter is notorious for the batteries coming loose. Also call Lifescan (the
makers) and they will replace it. We have had 4, yes 4 replaced so far. I
have now switched to a different meter because of all the problems.

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Well, I am in trouble.  Took my BG when I got up this AM and it was a little
high.  When I was getting ready to take it again before breakfast, my meter
would not come on at all.  Now this meter is just a few months old and it
shouldn't be dead this soon.  It is a fast take.  Do I get another fast take
or do I buy something else and see what fast take reps will do about this
Thanks.  Getting ready to go to my daughters swim meet.
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