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[IP] MiniMed Glucose Sensor

Our Endo, Thomas Blevins gave a presentation this week on MiniMed's
Continuous Glucose Sensor.  I'll mention some of what I heard.

1.  At present it's a stand - alone meter about the size of the pump.

2.  The sensor is within a metal needle.  Performance degrades over time.

3.  There's a read - out on the meter; the data is downloadable.

4.  Sampling is taken intermittently, say every 5 minutes or so.

5.  At present there is no connection / coordination with the pump.

6.  The plan is for limited numbers of meters to be issued to Endos (say one

The sensor meter's current big value is in taking samples while the user is
sleeping, downloading the info, and using it to adjust basals.

The doc expressed his own skeptical caution about letting the meter control
the pump, saying that if it erred, the result could be disastrous.  Some
audience members suggested:

1. They'd like the needle integrated with the infusion set, naturally.

2.  The meter could be set to deliver an alarm much like the pump does.

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