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Keeping sets in, was: Re: [IP] re:AARRGGHH!!!

Doreen wrote:

>WE have been using tenders,will something else stay in better? We've tried
>with tegaderm under it too.They won't stay on this boy.........Doreen--help me

A couple thoughts:

1)  Make sure the soap your son uses does not leave any residue on the
skin. Some soaps such as "beauty type" soaps with creams, etc. in them can
leave a residue which makes it difficult to stick tape to.

2)  I think there is a product called "Bard (wipes or preps?)" - small
packets, similar to alcohol swabs. You prep the site with this prior to
taping or inserting the set. I haven't tried these, so I hope I'm not off
base here, but I recall others using this stuff with some success. I think
it is similar to Skin Prep, by Smith & Nephew. Sometimes, changing the
product will produce different results.

3)  If sweat on the skin might be causing a problem, some folks use a small
(very small) dab of antiperspirant on the site prior to insertion. This
helps keep the skin dry. I don't know how well this works with young
children whose skin may be more sensitive.

Bob Burnett

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